The Full Tune-Up

What 95% of our customer’s opt for.

Only $95. 

Front & Rear Shift Adjustment

Brake Inspection & Adjustment

Torquing Every Major Bolt

Lubrication of Every Pivot Point

Basic Bike Clean & Shine

Tires Pumped & Tread Checked

Chain Checked for Wear

Test Ride by the Mechanic

Compare to $120 at other Phoenix bike shops

Part Installs & A la Carte Services

 We keep it simple – $20/item


Went for a bike trail ride today and it felt like we had new bikes! We had to laugh at how much better our bikes were working. Smooth shifting, silent brakes. Great experience.

Bonnie M.

This was by far the best tune-up I’ve had since I bought my bike 10 years ago. Better than any I’ve gotten at local bike shops. Really more than a tune-up, the bike now runs like new.

Steve P.

Getting my bike tuned up with Curbside Bicycles couldn’t have been easier. They got everything working right and diagnosed a problem I didn’t know I had and recommended some solutions.

Lea Z.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't know what my bike needs?

Bring your bike to any of our pop-ups for free assessment! Typically it’s cheaper to go with the full tune-up rather than piece a few a la carte items together, but it’s totally up to you.

What is my bike needs more than a tune-up?

Our full tune-up alleviates the majority of bike issues, however we do offer replacement parts and services if we notice something on your bike is damaged or worn. We will always call you to confirm before performing any extra work, and you can check out replacement parts we offer in the chart above.

Do you tune-up e-bikes, recumbents, cargo bikes, tandems, etc?

In short – yes!

For e-bikes we offer our $95 tune-up which covers all of the mechanical parts of a bike (same as a regular bike), but we do not cover any electrical part of the bike.

For recumbents, tandems, and cargo bikes, we charge $110 for our full tune-up. There is the extra $15 charge because we aren’t able to put these bikes in our bike stand, making the tune-up more technically complicated and harder to perform. Also, there’s just more bike!

How long will the tune-up take?

Our mechanics are able to complete a full tune-up in about 30 minutes. If you drop your bike off at 9am (our pop-up start time), we will typically have it done by noon! This is dependent on how many bikes we have scheduled, but we always guarantee that your bike will be done before the end of the day!

Are there any services you do not provide?

We are able to solve 95% of our customer’s problems. However, services we do not offer include:

  • Bottom bracket and wheel hub work
  • Spoke replacement, off-bike wheel truing and wheel building
  • Hydraulic disc brake bleed and hydraulic fork bleed
  • Tubeless tire installation
  • Drivetrain/shifter replacement (unless the customer brings the components themselves)

We are a pop-up bike repair service that offers a full tune-up and most part replacements, but are not a full service repair center. In the case of a customer needing the above work, we will refer them to a certified local bike shop!