Mobile Bike Repair Shop In Chicago

Don’t wait weeks to have your bike repaired

At Curbside Bicycles, we come to your neighborhood to offer same day service

Same Day Bike Tune-Up

Why schlep your bike to and from a shop, waiting weeks in between? We’ll have your bike finished the same day you drop it off.

Best Price Around

Other Chicago area bike shops charge up to $135 for their baseline tune-up.  Let us do the exact same tune-up.

We charge only $85!

Bike Repair to you

Have some bikes in need of love and a space we can set up in? We’d love to come to you – click below to find out more!

Swing by a Pop-Up Chicago Bike Repair Shop

How it works:

We Arrange Pop-Up Bike Repair Shops all over Chicago

Every neighborhood should have access to a local bike shop. Our locations across town change weekly.

The Pins are Upcoming Shops

You can bring your bike to any of our shops! Clicking the pins on the below map will reveal date/time/location.


Have your Bike Tuned Up at any of our Pop-Ups!

RSVP below for a tune-up date/location!  Drop off in the morning, and we’ll text you a few hours later when it’s tuned up.

We're now in our off-season, pop-ups will resume in Spring 2024! We're still happy to tune-up your bike though - see below pin on map!

Winter 2023/2024 Service

During our off season, we offer 100% mobile services, at no additional cost (typically $30) within ~5 miles/20min drive of Lakeview East. We will come straight to you to service your bike, plus, you’ll get 2023 service prices! 

Text/Call at (773) 609-5554 for speedy service!


Want to have your bike tuned up?

Letting us know in advance helps us know how many bikes to expect.  You can choose any way to contact us!  Call/text, email or fill out the form to the right.

Call/Text Us

Call/Text Us

(773) 609-5554

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As Seen On


“Incredibly knowledgeable and replaced my gears and brakes for half of what it would have cost at other area bike shops. Went above and beyond, now it rides just like new!”

Cherie H.

“Excellent bike tune up, quick turn-around (an hour) and cheaper than local bike shops (where I’ve waited a week to get my bike back).  I will definitely return for all my bike tune-ups.”

Anne N.

“A neighbor told me about Curbside Bicycles just down the block, and I was able to drop off two bikes for tune-ups that same day.  Very convenient and the bikes are performing great.”

Rob C.

The Bike Tune-Up

 Our tune-up offers more, is faster and more affordable than any other bike shop around!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a physical location?

We offer 100% mobile bike repair, and as such we have no physical location. This means you can’t drop off your bike overnight – but why would you want to when we offer our same day turnaround guarantee?

What if I don't need a full tune-up?

95% of our customers opt for a full tune-up because if it’s unrivaled value, comprehensive scope, and peace of mind. If you’re unsure, we’ll happily look over your bike free of charge and let you make an informed decision! If you just need a flat tire changed, or something else small, we do offer replacement parts and a la carte services.

Check out all of our bike repair services!

Shoot I missed a nearby pop-up, when will you be back in my neighborhood?

Chances are we’ll be in your neighborhood again! If you’d like us to come back sooner, we’d love if you hosted a pop-up shop. That way we’ll come right to you – no transportation required!

Do you offer individual house calls?

Potentially! This all depends on what part of the season we’re in (AKA how busy we are). We’re usually booked solid with pop-up shops May – August. Outside of that timeframe, we’ll likely be able to find a time to come to you!

There is a $30 extra charge to do a one-off house call.  Alternatively, have you considered hosting a pop-up shop?  We’ll waive the fee and even give you money off!