Organize a Bike Repair Pop-Up Event ➥

4 Easy Steps

1. Set a date - we'll craft a flyer & sign-up page

2. You send out the flyer to your network


3. We handle all RSVP, communication throughout, payment, etc.

4. We show up day of to offer comprehensive on-site bike tune-ups at the best price in town!

Host an Event!

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Bike Repair Events are Perfect For

Corporate Businesses

An excellent way to promote wellness in the workplace. Bike your bike to work, have it tuned up, bike home!

Property Management

Offer on-site bike repair to residents of apartment and condo buildings to foster tenant loyalty!

Retail Businesses

Breweries, Local Gyms, Coffee Shops, Marketplaces, etc. We’re an excellent service for all of your customers.


“Amazing communication throughout and an awesome service to offer to our tenants. Curbside Bicycles is the perfect partner for any Property Manager.”

Urban Land Interests

“I love that we were able to offer our employees the same bike tune-up you’d find at a shop, but at their workplace and finished before the day was through!”

Esker Inc

“Curbside Bicycles is a great value add to our members at no additional cost to us and we’ve repeatedly had people ask when they’re coming back!”

Level Up Fitness

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the pop-up shop be?

We generally start the pop-up shop at 9am and have individuals drop off their bikes between 9 – 10am (this is flexible). We text the owners as their bikes are finished throughout the day, and once we run out of bikes and everyone has been properly communicated with – we depart (often mid-afternoon).

Where does the pop-up shop take place?

You tell us what works best! Generally for our events we set up in a central location which could be a parking lot, a grassy area outside of the main building, or a parking garage for our partnerships that are more in the city center.

What are the responsibilities on the organizer's end?

We handle all communication with bike owners – both ahead of time and day of! The only thing we ask of our host organizaion is to spread the word ahead of time (emails, e-blasts, flier, etc.) so that people have a chance to RSVP to take advantage of this convenient service!

In the case of inclement weather, then we ask for the flexibility to shift the date by a day or two.

Do you have liability insurance?

Absolutely, and we would be happy to write your organizaion in as “additionally insured” and provide you a certificate of the insurance. Just ask when we are emailing back and forth and we’ll send that right over.