Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do you have a physical location?

We offer 100% mobile bike repair, and as such we have no physical location. This means you can’t drop off your bike overnight – but why would you want to when we offer our same day turnaround guarantee?

Do you offer individual house calls?

Potentially! This all depends on what part of the season we’re in (AKA how busy we are). We’re usually booked solid with pop-up shops May – August. Outside of that timeframe, we’ll likely be able to find a time to come to you!

There is a $30 extra charge to do a one-off house call.  Alternatively, have you considered hosting a pop-up bike repair shop?  We’ll waive the fee and even give you money off!

Do you tune-up e-bikes, recumbents, cargo bikes, tandems, etc?

In short – yes!

On e-bikes we tune-up all of the mechanical parts of a bike (same as a regular bike), however we do not cover any electrical part of the bike (can’t help you with a bad battery).

For recumbents, tandems, and cargo bikes, we charge $100 for our full tune-up. The extra charge is due to our inability to put these bikes in our bike stand, making the tune-up more technically complicated and harder to perform. Also, there’s just more bike!

Shoot, I missed a nearby pop-up, when will you be back in my neighborhood?

Chances are we’ll be in your neighborhood again! If you’d like us to come back sooner, we’d love if you hosted a pop-up bike repair shop. That way we’ll come right to you – no transportation required!

Hosting a Pop-Up Questions

What are my responsibilities as a host?

We are very self sufficient, and will bring our own food, water, and chair with us to your house! We like to be as minimally invasive as possible, however there are a few things we ask of our hosts:

  • Willingness to post a digital flyer on neighborhood social media – Neighborhood Facebook group, Nextdoor, email listserv, etc. which is our method of advertsiting ahead of time.
  • Access to a section of relatively flat yard or driveway
  • Access to a restroom sometime midday
  • In the case of inclement weather, access to covered garage space.  We only take up the space of one car!
How long will the pop-up shop be?

We generally start the pop-up shop at 9am (this is of course flexible), and go until we run out of bikes! On a slower day, this would be around lunch, with a busy day taking us until 5pm. Typically we depart midafternoon.

Do I have to be home the whole time?

Absolutely not! Feel free to run any errands you’d like, we wouldn’t want to stop you! We appreciate meeting you at some point, but we are able to set-up and pack-up our pop-up in your yard without you being home!

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes! In the unlikely event of something going awry at a pop-up, we have full business liability insurance and would be happy to provide a copy of it at your request.

Tune-Up and Services Questions

What if my bike needs more than a tune-up?

Our full tune-up alleviates the majority of bike issues, however we do offer replacement parts and services if we notice something on your bike is damaged or worn. We will always call you to confirm before performing any extra work, and we have replacement tubes, chains, cassettes, cables/housing and nuts/bolts on hand.

What if I don't know what my bike needs?

Bring your bike to any of our pop-ups for free assessment! Typically it’s cheaper to go with the full tune-up rather than piece a few a la carte items together, but it’s totally up to you.

What if I just want a small fix?

95% of our customers opt for a full tune-up because if it’s unrivaled value, comprehensive scope, and peace of mind. If you’re unsure, we’ll happily look over your bike free of charge and let you make an informed decision! If you just need a flat tire changed, or something else small, we do offer replacement parts and a la carte services.

Check out all of our bike repair services!

Are there any services you do not provide?

We are able to solve 95% of our customer’s problems. However, services we do not offer include:

  • Bottom bracket and wheel hub work
  • Spoke replacement, off-bike wheel truing and wheel building
  • Hydraulic disc brake bleed and hydraulic fork bleed
  • Tubeless tire installation
  • Drivetrain/shifter replacement (unless the customer brings the components themselves)
  • Disc brake pad replacement (unless the customer brings the components themselves)

We are a pop-up bike repair service that offers a full tune-up and most part replacements, but are not a full service repair center. In the case of a customer needing the above work, we will refer them to a certified local bike shop!

How long will the tune-up take?

We perform our bike tune-ups on a first come first serve basis. If you drop your bike off at 9am (our pop-up start time), we will typically have it done by noon! This is dependent on how many bikes we have scheduled, but we always guarantee that your bike will be done before the end of the day!

If you have any sort of time constraint for the day, just let us know and we’ll make sure to hit your window!

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